When I am a Mother-in-Law...

Dec 30 2008

I Will Make an Effort

I was just reading a Tweet from a friend who is currently trying to keep her 10 month old from destroying her mother-in-law’s house, a house filled with knick-knacks and other crap, and it reminded me of our last visit to the MIL’s.

My kiddo had only just begun crawling and I was hovering rather closely as my in-law’s house is packed full of junk. I mean I thought that the worst that could happen would be for him to pull an antique chair down on top of himself or to ingest some little figurine. I had no idea that he might encounter an open and completely hot outlet.  I guess, someone had been doing some electrical work in the past year month and had left the outlet cover sitting on the floor and the wires hanging out everywhere. And the best part, a screwdriver had been conveniently left sitting on the floor in front of the outlet.

I can only imagine what a 7 month old might have thought to do with that screwdriver.

Dec 26 2008
Adam was the luckiest man; he had no mother-in-law.
— Mark Twain


I Won’t Vacation at My Kid’s House

At our recent family photo shoot, the photographer asked my MIL, “So, are you down here helping out, making meals and such?” To which T responded, “No, I’m on vacation.”

Really? I hadn’t noticed what with you not washing a dish, making a meal, or even picking up the tab for a meal out. Thanks for nothing.


My hubby actually coined the perfect term for my in-laws. He called them Sight-Seeing Grandparents and the little guy is just one of the sights.

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